Top ten tweets about D.J. Williams sharing Broncos playbook photo

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams's inexplicable decision to tweet a photo from the squad's playbook earned him slaps o' plenty from Twitter Nation. See the ten most memorable reactions below.

Still, there's irony in this censure -- because the response was considerably larger than the ones involving his DUI trial and six-game suspension.

Here's the iPad image in question:

According to The Big Lead, the pic illustrated a note about Williams learning a new position -- like one in the unemployment line, perhaps?

By the way, The Big Lead's post included links to Williams's Instagram and Twitter accounts -- both of which are dead at this writing.

When news of Williams's gaffe hit on Friday, sports radio was flooded with calls from Broncos fans aghast at the six-year veteran's stupidity, even as the occasional booster suggested that it probably wasn't a huge deal. And indeed, Williams has made more serious mistakes before. As noted by the Denver Post, he pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired in Douglas County circa 2005, only to be busted for a similar offense in November 2010. His trial on the latter was supposed to get underway last month, but a mistrial was declared after his attorney -- Harvey Steinberg, who helped rescue ex-Bronco Perrish Cox from a charge of impregnating his alleged rape victim -- complained about only getting to challenge two jurors instead of the traditional three.

On top of that, Williams has already been suspended for the first six games of next season for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing-drugs policy.

Yes, Williams is a talented player, albeit one who has never quite lived up to the potential that led the University of Miami product to be drafted in the first round (seventeenth overall) in 2004. As such, lotsa Broncos loyalists are asking if he's really worth the trouble.

It's a good question -- one that should have been sounded more loudly after any of his previous three strikes. Here's our ten favorite tweets about the playbook pic.

Number 10: Number 9: Number 8: Number 7: Number 6:

Page down to see our top five tweets about D.J. Williams.

Number 5: Number 4: Number 3: Number 2: Number 1:

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