Top ten Westword marijuana news stories of 2011

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3. Medical marijuana: Papa John's delivery driver calls cops on legal patient over weed There's an unspoken rule that even if for some odd reason a pizza delivery driver isn't a stoner, they are supposed to be okay with it. Apparently nobody told that to the Aurora Papa Johns driver who called the cops on Rick Smith late last November. Smith got off without even a warning from the sympathetic police, but Papa Johns never apologized for the driver's actions.

The result? Hundreds of comments on our blog from people vowing never to eat at the pizza chain again and free pizzas every month for a year for Smith from cannabis-friendly local pizza chain, Sexy Pizza.

2. Medical marijuana hearing nods to "Drugs are Bad, M'Kay" South Park ep?

It was pretty clear from the start that Rep. Cindy Acree didn't really have a grasp on the industry she was trying to regulate last year when she introduced HB 1250. Her orignal draft would have ended edibles altogether, based on her fear that children were getting into THC-laced foods. Despite rational arguments to the contrary, Acree kept on with her bill seemingly to save face.

Things got really strange when someone decided to insert some South Park humor onto an example of a warning label that Acree was supporting, riling the feathers of watchdog activist group, the Cannabis Therapy Institute. In the end, the legislation was so pared down from it's original form that many say it was a useless waste of time and didn't add anything that existing state laws weren't already requiring.

1. Marijuana seizure in Pike National Forest: Were the 3,000 plants really worth $9 million? This story from September surprised me a little at first as being the most popular marijuana story of the year. But I think the fact that it blatantly showed how law enforcement trumps their figures to make themselves seem needed resonated with people not just in Colorado, but also around the world as this story was also picked up on Reddit and Digg.

As one commenter put it: "Let's just give the "DEA and their boyfriends" (love that line btw) some slack and say each plant produces a QP. That would net 750 pounds from the whole crop, which would mean they are getting $12,000 a pound.

That shit better be good..."

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