Top uncensored comments about the Broncos' plan to trade Jay Cutler

Last night, during Channel 9's late newscast, anchor Mark Koebrich mentioned the high volume of comments appearing on the station's website following the announcement that the Broncos are shopping quarterback Jay Cutler, warning participants that they needed to stick to language that would be acceptable on TV (presumably network TV, not Cinemax), and adding that any remarks that crossed the "line of decency" would be promptly removed. That's the case on most mainstream news sites in town, including the Denver Post. Earlier this morning, when I checked the Post's story about Pat Bowlen's declaration, a comment near the top referred to Cutler as "a little b-----," dashed as shown. Moments ago, I check again and it was gone. Indeed, the most risque term I spotted at this writing was "b*tt." Thank goodness that word was asterisked, or I'd have to wash my brain out with soap.

For those interested in less polite debate about the situation, turn to GridIronFans.com, which boasts that it features "100 Percent Uncut, 100 Percent Uncensored Football Talk." Its Cutler threads live up to this claim, and to save you time, we've assembled some of the spicier remarks posted to date. Click "Continue" to check them out -- but make sure your mom's out of the room first.

please do it that would be such a huge fucking mistake

Fucking idiots...

Well, fucking bullshit. Hell, since we needed to rebuild the defense and special teams we mine as well rebuild the whole damn team. Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

why?? Because he didn't like that fucking with him then lying about it? He's young and implusive but nuts?? I doubt it.

We'll take the psycho...

I think Singletary will scream on his ass like his dad and that'll be the end of all that childish bullshit.

he was taken 11th overall...if he was worth it 3 years ago out of fucking vanderbilt, he worth it now as one of the best young QBs in the league....

wow im just so glad that we wont have to see this fucking asshole twice a year anymore and it makes the division alot easier for us too.

Pat, you did not seemed worried when you fired your Star Head Coach. Things not shaking out right now. Sleepless Nights are a Bitch.

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