Tour Colorado's Most Amazing Rental — or Buy Roxanne Pulitzer's House for $18M

Tom Cruise's $59 million Telluride mansion remains on sale two years after it was originally listed — a phenomenon that's been repeated across the country for spectacular, star-owned properties. Note that Michael Jordan's Chicago home has been on the market for four years-plus with no takers, and Robin Williams's Napa Valley digs took from 2012 until after his death to sell.

The wait has been even longer when it comes to the Telluride home owned by novelist, actress and onetime Playboy cover celeb Roxanne Pulitzer and her husband, Tim Boberg.

Despite attributes that include a bowling alley, a shooting range, a hot tub large enough to host a ménage à 7 and what's described as "a full-scale replica of the labyrinth at Chartres, France," the property has been on the market for more than five years.

Our Alan Prendergast wrote about the 23,000-square-foot home and its $19.9 million price tag in August 2011.

Today, the property remains available even though its price has been reduced to $18,495,000. But its status could change if prospective buyers take advantage of a new opportunity shared by Sotheby's listing agent Matthew Hintermeister.

"This winter, the owners have rented a house in the Dominican Republic," Hintermeister says. "So the house is available for short-term rent for anywhere from $8,000 to $17,000 a night — and we're hoping to get some exposure through high-end rentals."

Sweetening the deal, in Hintermeister's view, is the fact that "it's a staffed rental. Because Roxanne and Tim didn't want to lay off their employees in Telluride while they were away all winter and felt more comfortable having the staff there while they were gone, the rental comes with their chef and housekeeper. Those types of rentals are far more common in other marketplaces: ski chalets in Europe, villas in southern Europe, Mexico and South America. But we don't know of another staffed rental in Telluride."

As for why the home hasn't sold in five years, Hintermeister notes that "Sotheby's holds a handful of listings at this price point — a little below and way above, all the way up to Tom Cruise's place, which isn't moving, either. But we've never had a sale in Telluride, no matter how big the house is, for more than $13 million, even though people keep building these very, very big homes."

To date, no offer has been made on the Pulitzer-Boberg property.

"We've had some showings, of course," Hintermeister confirms, "but very few, because people have to be qualified; they have to show that they have $20 million in liquid assets to see the property, which prevents groups of people that are just looking at real estate for fun. And I think the house is priced very well. We're at just under $800 a foot, which for our market is pretty realistic. And we've certainly promoted the house more than any other house in the market. It's been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and the rental is now being featured on social media."

This last effort is paying off. Hintermeister reveals that "we've already had three rental commitments ranging anywhere from a week to twelve days."

If you'd like to book some time at the home this winter before all the available dates are gone, visit But first, take a look around by way of the following photos and text from the property's listing, where there's plenty of additional information. Once you've seen the place, $18 million may seem like a bargain.

113 Highlands Way
Mountain Village, CO 81435


One of the most extraordinary residences in the Telluride region. Privacy, views, and unparalleled amenities including a 75-foot indoor pool, AMF bowling alley, 2-lane 100-foot indoor commercial shooting range, golf fairway & putting green with bunker, extensive landscaping, magnificent water feature, gazebo with wet bar & 7-person hot-tub, and a full-scale replica of the labyrinth at Chartres, France. Purchase of the residence includes a Telluride Ski & Golf Club platinum membership. This is the only home in the Telluride region ever to be featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Continue to see more of the Pulitzer-Boberg home, which is for sale or rent.

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