Travel + Leisure says Denver is tops in microbrews, at the bottom in diversity

Travel + Leisure just released its list of America's Favorite Cities, ranking 35 major metropolitan areas on everything from pretty people to driving habits. There's good news for Denver: It's the No. 1 city for microbrews. Which means there's plenty of beer to cry in over our pathetic showing in other areas, including ranking just No. 26 as a cultural getaway.

Denver also ranks near the bottom in architecture/cool buildings (No. 25) and diversity (No. 24 -- and that's according to visitors who answered the poll; residents ranked it as No. 34!).

But hey, we're No. 1 in the categories of athletic/active, public parks and outdoor access, and pet-friendly vacations. Waiter, another round for my dog!

The results were tabulated from a survey that was posted online at Travel + Leisure for several months this summer. You can drill down into the results on Travel & Leisure's website, which also lets you pit one city against another.

Sadly, there's no mechanism that allows you to pit this list against all the other lists that publicity-seeking outfits keep releasing.

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