Tribune's bankruptcy filing to have little impact on Channel 2 -- because the cutting had already begun

Precious little coverage of the yesterday's bankruptcy filing by the Tribune Co. has been devoted to its most prominent Denver property, KWGN-TV/Channel 2 -- not even by the station itself. (At this writing, its home page doesn't mention the development on its ten top stories.) That's understandable, however, since the outlet was shaken up in a huge way prior to this action. As reported in the October Message column "Channels 2 and 31 Mix It Up in Denver," Channel 2 agreed to join a local marketing agreement with its main competitor, Channel 31, a couple of months back. Along the way, around thirty people were shown the door, including general manager James Zerwekh (whose duties have been taken over by Channel 31 g.m. Dennis Leonard, pictured), news director Carl Bilek (Brad Remington, his opposite number at Channel 31, is now in charge), and anchor Ernie Bjorkman, now only days away from trading life in the news business for a new career as a veterinary technician. Moreover, the much smaller staff will be moving in to Channel 31's Speer Boulevard headquarters early next year.

No doubt the bankruptcy still came as a shock to those who remain on Channel 2's payroll. Then again, much of the damage that might come as a result of this move has already been done. -- Michael Roberts

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