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TV host Aaron Harber's application to become Colorado's Secretary of State

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Click on the highlighted links to read his application cover letter, his application form, his application responses, his narrative bio, his program description and his public service and politically related activities. As for his "personal statement," access it by clicking "More," and decide for yourself if he's the sort of person you'd like to see in the job. -- Michael Roberts


There is a substantial amount of information already provided elsewhere in the application which details my qualifications for the position so I will not repeat that here. Rather than any single skill, ability, or experience, I believe what may make me uniquely qualified for the position is the combination of interest, commitment, expertise, knowledge, and experience I have which can be brought to bear on the immediate challenges faced by the office of the Secretary of State.

I am applying for the position of Colorado's Secretary of State because I believe our democracy is at risk today and immediate action is required. I have been observing this firsthand. In particular, I am very concerned about how government information and election processes are viewed by many members of the public. I am concerned our elected officials --- because the vast majority of them are hardworking and honest and could not imagine their integrity is being questioned --- do not appreciate the number of people who believe their government is controlled by others, holds election which are rigged, does not count votes accurately, or is hiding key facts from the public.

The Secretary of State's office can play a lead role in providing the information citizens need to have confidence in their government and elected leaders. By seeking total and complete transparency in all aspects of its recordkeeping --- from business registrations to election data to lobbyist, candidate, officeholder, and campaign filings --- the Secretary of State's office can promote confidence in all levels of our government and set a high standard for others to follow.

By implementing information systems with easy and ready access, at little or no cost to the public, the office can become a national model for complete and total accessibility. Due to my familiarity and direct experience with the Secretary of State's office for the past quarter century, I know we can do better. And due to my involvement with the public for many of those years, I know we absolutely need to do better.

These challenges also demonstrate why it is critically important to appoint a Secretary of State who truly is seen as nonpartisan --- someone who has the support of the leadership of both major parties. The State of Colorado will be served best if the person appointed is broadly seen as nonpartisan. I believe I fit that description well and am seen in such a manner. That will be an additional asset I can bring to the office which will help improve the integrity of Colorado state government and of all the people who serve the public.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Aaron Harber

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.