Two hit by gunfire, one dead near East 35th and Elm in first of two weekend shootings (5)

There were two violent flare-ups over the weekend, with a total of four people shot. In the first incident, one person has died. In the second, police believe one of the wounded is a victim while the other is a suspect. Details below.

Here's a Denver Police Department tweet about the first burst of gunfire, which took place on Saturday night:

Look below to see an interactive graphic (if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map") of the area near where the bullets flew -- "near" being the operative word, as you'll see.

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In a second tweet, sent out yesterday morning, the DPD amended the address while passing along the information that one of the people involved had died.

Between the first tweet and the second, the DPD put out a Twitter alert about another shooting -- this one occurring early Sunday.

9News reports that shooting number two took place in the vicinity of West 1st Avenue and Xavier. Here's an interactive graphic showing that location:

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The DPD notes that one suspect is in custody. According to 9News, that individual is one of the two people who was shot.

No identification yet on the deceased, the suspect or anyone else. But in both cases, the investigation is continuing even as residents in the surrounding neighborhoods are undoubtedly still feeling shaken by what took place.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.