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Although there's a phone listing for Dykes in the Security-Widefield area, it has been disconnected. The FBI has been approaching people and groups that appear on those phone bills, checking for any knowledge of Frank Duran, Franco Duran, Ingrid Duran, Stephen Dykes and Steve Dykes.

One group that appeared on the telephone records, Citizens Against Government Waste in Washington, D.C., apparently attracted Duran's attention because its phone number, "1-800-BE-ANGRY" appears on cable television. Leslie Paige, CAGW's media director, confirms that the FBI came into the group's office, showed Duran's picture and asked about various people, including Stephen Dykes. She also says other right-wing groups, including taxpayer resisters, have received FBI visits.

So far, most of the FBI's investigation has taken place in Washington. And local law enforcement officials, some of them extremely familiar with the militia, complain that they have been shut out of the investigation from the beginning.

On the same day Ingrid Duran met with the FBI, her husband's public defender, Leigh Kenny, called and asked that she come to Washington for the preliminary hearing the next day, November 2. Ingrid asked for money to cover her plane fare, a limo and her hotel room, as well as reimbursement of $6 an hour for her time--slightly more than she was earning at her job. She also asked that her sister be paid for watching the Durans' child and said she wanted to spend an extra day in Washington so that she could visit the Smithsonian and the Washington Monument, as well as the spot on Pennsylvania Avenue where the shooting had taken place. She also needed new clothes, she told Kenny, because she had nothing appropriate to wear. The public defender turned her down on the clothes, and Ingrid now says the public defender's office didn't pay for her child care or the limo, either.

Her husband was surprised to see her--partly because where he's being kept is "so hard to find," Ingrid says. She didn't ask her husband anything about the shooting, she says.

Since returning from Washington, though, Ingrid has started to blame her husband's actions on radio talk-show hosts and "those men. Those other guys should have been punished, too," she told a friend. "Frank is just the fall guy...it wasn't his fault that he fell into this group. They influenced him."

According to Gutierrez, the men who influenced Duran were "righteous, pious, holier than thou." The situation reminds him of kids in elementary school, he says. "The boys make a plan to all stand up for something, but when the time comes, only one boy stands up--the others just sit there like they don't know what's going on. That one boy is Frank."

Leslie Jorgensen is a Colorado Springs-based freelance journalist who has covered Colorado politics since 1984. Sherry Keene-Osborn works for Newsweek and has been a journalist in Denver since 1970.

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