Updated: Pay cuts at Boulder Daily Camera

Update, 4:45 p.m.: The initial version of this blog was based on information provided by a source that has been extremely reliable over a period of several years. However, I just received a call from Al Manzi, president and publisher of the Boulder Daily Camera, and CEO of Prairie Mountain Publishing, the firm that oversees the Camera, disputing almost every bit of information it contained.

According to Manzi, Dean Singleton, the CEO of MediaNews Group, which now wholly owns Prairie Mountain after taking over the 50 percent of the firm previously controlled by E.W. Scripps, was not at the Camera offices on Monday. He was last in the building the day the Rocky closed. And while pay was cut by 5 percent, Manzi says the decision was made long before this status change, and MediaNews Group didn't dictate it. Rather, the call was made by Camera management. The cuts don't take place until April.

Manzi adds that all vacation time earned by Camera employees for 2009 will be honored. As for future vacation time, he says that MediaNews Group calculates it differently than did Scripps, using a "vacation pool" approach. However, the company provides two personal days and seven sick days per annum, and vacation time accrues based on length of service. According to Manzi, "We don't expect any significant impact on our employees' total time off."

I regret any errors contained in the original blog.

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