Venus De Miles event for Greenhouse Scholars a bike ride even Dan Maes could love -- maybe

The recent Denver Cruisers' U.N> bike ride made good-natured sport of Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes, for his overblown (from his campaign's perspective) comments about Denver's B-cycle program being a United Nations plot. But it's hard to imagine him having any objections to yesterday's Venus De Miles ride in Boulder.

On second thought, though, he might have some problems with the pedal-a-thon after all...

On the plus side, the event is designed to raise money for Greenhouse Scholars, an organization that benefits underresourced college students -- and who isn't in favor of that? Plus, participants included a dream team featuring the likes of Colleen Cooke, who's competed in triathlons for two decades. My calves are cramping just thinking about that.

Then again, Venus De Miles is supposed to be for women only. And while the Boulder Daily Camera notes that a team of men participated, they did so in drag. And does that really represent the sort of wholesome mainstream values Maes's campaign is devoted to restoring?

Whatever the case, any politician could learn fundraising lessons from Venus De Miles, which may have exceeded its $30,000 goal by a multiple of three. That's the American way! Look below to see a Camera video about the event.

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