Vic Lombardi on making the jump from ESPN Radio to the new KDSP

Update below: At first, it seems strange that Channel 4 sportscasters Vic Lombardi and Gary Miller would shift their sports-talk program from an established brand, ESPN Radio/1600 AM, to an unknown quantity, the Dealin' Doug Moreland co-owned KDSP-FM/102.3, which debuts on Tuesday, July 27. But to Lombardi, it was the logical move -- and not just because "FM makes my voice sound deeper."

For one thing, Lombardi likes the idea of being on a station that focuses on live and local sports chatter throughout the day -- and confirms a schedule that first appeared on DenverRadio.net:

• 7-9 a.m.: Vic Lombardi and Gary Miller, the KCNC-4 sports duo formerly heard on KEPN AM 1600.

• 9 a.m.-noon: Chad Andrus and Patrick Watson, most recently at KEPN and KKFN 104.3 FM (The Fan).

• Noon-3 p.m.: Charles Johnson and Joel Klatt, former University of Colorado quarterbacks.

• 3-7 p.m.: Les Shapiro and Rick "G-Man" Goins.

• 7-10 p.m.: Nate Kreckman of "The Klatt and Kreckman Show" left KCKK (Mile High Sports Radio) last week.

For another, he's pleased to continue his association with Tom Manoogian, aka Lou From Littleton, who put together the Lombardi-Miller radio team in the first place, and will serve as KDSP's station manager.

"The idea came from Tom, Gary and myself getting together and saying, 'Let's see if we can pull off a show, because there's no live, local sports show in the morning in town. Let's go buy some time at one of the local stations and do it,'" Lombardi notes. "And Tom sold the show and it was a great success -- he sold it out.

"Then one thing led to another, and we decided, 'Let's take it up to the next step.' Because it's a better frequency. Before the sun came up [at ESPN Radio], you could barely hear us in remote parts of Denver. But now it's going to be long and strong."

No big changes for the program are planned, Lombardi says, nor is something special in the works for day one. That's because Broncos training camp is just around the corner, "and because of our relationship with the Broncos, we're going to make a big splash with that. We'll be at full sprint by the time that starts."

And as a bonus, he notes, "I won't sound like I'm still going through puberty anymore."

Update, July 26: The debut of KDSP, now known as The Ticket, will be tomorrow, not today, as originally reported -- and the frequency has changed from 102.3 to 87.7 FM. Get the latest information in this post: "The Ticket: New sports-talk station on 87.7 FM, ESPN Deportes on 102.3, Jack stays at 105.5."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.