Video: Boston Marathon explosions -- Denver Police Department responds

The explosions at the Boston Marathon, which killed two people and injured dozens of others earlier today, represent a still-developing story about which we'll learn much, much more in the coming days.

Meanwhile, residents of metropolitan areas across the country are wondering if they have reason for concern -- and Denver is no exception. That's why, a short time ago, the Denver Police Department put out a statement about the terrible incident. Get details and see videos below.

The first DPD response to the tragedy is the following tweet:

Next came an official statement from the department, issued by Lieutenant Matt Murray.

"The Denver Police Department is aware of the incident in Boston," the statement begins. "At this time, there are no known links to Denver and no known threats."

"We do remind citizens that safety is everyone's responsibility," Murray continues. "People should be vigilant and if they 'See something, say something.' In other words, all suspicious activity should be reported to police."

The addendum is perhaps the most intriguing portion of the message. Murray writes, "We are in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; should we learn of any link to Denver or specific threat to the safety of people in Denver, we will advise you immediately."

Look below to see videos of the Boston Marathon incident from the Boston Globe and CBS News.

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