Video: "Let's get the f*ck out of here" anchor Justin Kraemer not coming to Colorado after all

Update: Occasionally, we have to report bad news -- and that's what we're bringing to you now. To whit: Justin Kraemer, the Wichita anchorman caught muttering "Let's get the fuck out of here" line at the end of a recent newscast (see it below), isn't coming to KOAA in Colorado Springs, despite a Gawker tipster's claim. The complete statement by the outlet's general manager, as forwarded by marketing director Sydney Rubin, reads like so: "Despite reports, Justin Kraemer will not be working at KOAA."

Damn it!

To see what Springs viewers will be missing, check out our original post, complete with Kraemer's video and a bonus clip.

Original post, 8:50 a.m. December 18: It's about as close to Ron Burgundy's famed "Go fuck yourself, San Diego" line as we're likely to get in real life: Justin Kraemer, weekend anchor for Wichita's KSN-TV, signed off at the end of the outlet's 10 p.m. newscast on December 14, and as the music was ending prior to the commercial break, he can be heard muttering, "Let's get the fuck out of here." See the hilarious video below.

Like the fictional Burgundy before him, Kraemer was promptly fired -- but there's a report he's on his way to Colorado.

According to a tipster cited by Gawker, Kraemer was about to make the leap from KSN to KOAA in Colorado Springs -- but the Wichita station pushed him before he could jump.

The Springs broadcaster has not yet responded to Gawker's request for confirmation of a Kraemer hire, and there's no reference to him on the KOAA website at this writing. Possible explanations range from a delayed announcement for mundane reasons to a last-minute decision by KOAA brass that Kraemer might not be the best fit after all.

In any event, the "Let's get the fuck out of here" clip promptly went viral, leaving Kraemer feeling even more rattled, as he admitted in an interview published yesterday in the Wichita Eagle.

The article, which makes no mention of Colorado or a previously planned departure from KSN, concludes with Kraemer's theory about why the clip of his F-bomb has been so popular.

"You want to know why it struck a chord?" he asked. "Because TV news has got a lot of issues right now, and one of the biggest issues with TV news is that a strong argument can be made that it's insincere and fake. At least I'm real. If I have an epitaph, that's what it is."

Here's the Kraemer video, followed by the Burgundy moment from the first Anchorman movie.

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