Video: Stapleton's control tower may be vacant, but airport nostaligia lives on

In our Off Limits column this week, we wrote about how urban explorers have been sneaking into the old air-traffic control tower at the former Stapleton International Airport -- a vacant landmark in the middle of what is now the Stapleton neighborhood.

Although the tower has been empty for nearly two decades, nothing has been done with the building.

The Stapleton Development Corporation, which oversees the transfer of land from the city to developer Forest City, now says that some signs from the old airport, which used to be inside the tower, have been stolen at some point.

That's too bad since they would have made a great addition to any museum display on Colorado's aviation or transportation history -- perhaps a display inside the tower since many people have suggested turning it into a museum and community center.

But that doesn't mean we can't remember the airport that existed long before Denver International gave us baggage headaches and Blue Mustang dreams. Here are a few videos we found that will bring back memories to anyone who remembers flying in or out of Stapleton (warning: some are a little vertigo inducing).

This video shows a Mayoral intern with a couple of really good ideas for the control tower as well as some great old pictures and video from Stapleton.

This one was shot inside the terminal ticketing area and baggage claim. It looks like it was taken by someone walking fast. The old baggage carousels (at about 1:14) were awesome.

A cool look at aircraft from the early 1990s -- and old airline logos -- landing at Stapleton with the mountains as a backdrop. How close could you get to the runways before 9/11? Pretty close, it looks like.

A video of a few planes landing in 1981 -- yes, 33 years ago. The best part is at the end when you can see a few vintage cars in the parking lot.

This one starts a little shaky -- it was taken by a thirteen-year-old in 1990, but gives some glimpses of old signs, old fixtures...and hanging ferns!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.