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Videos: Best bicycling states of 2013 -- and why Colorado finished near the top

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Number 6: Massachusetts

• Adopt a safe passing lawwith aminimum distance of 3 feet to address bicyclist safety.

• Adopt a vulnerable road user law that increases penalties for a motorist that injures or kills a bicyclist or pedestrian.

• Adopt a law allowing transportation agencies to post 20 mph or lower speed limits under certain circumstances.

• Adopt a statewide, all-ages cell phone ban to combat distracted driving and increase safety for everyone.

• Adopt a policy requiring state office buildings, state park and recreation facilities, and other state facilities to provide bicycle parking.

• Since arterial and collector roads are the backbone of every transportation network, it is essential to provide adequate bicycle facilities along these roads.Increase the percentage of state highway network that has paved shoulders or bike lanes greater or equal to 4 feet wide.

• The state is spending a low amount of federal funding on bicyclists and pedestrians.Adopt federal funding project rating criteria that incentivize bicycle projects and accommodations.

• Create a state bicycle ridersmanual to ensure cyclists have a pocket guide for rules of the road,relevant laws, state bike routes, and other necessary information.

• Hold a bicycle ride sponsored by the Governor and/or legislators to show their constituents that their elected officials support bicycling.

Number 5: Delaware

• Use a mix ofstate and federal fundsto invest $10 million in bike and pedestrian improvements.

• Provide program construction funding for high visibility, signature bikeways that connect cities and suburbs, including the Wilmington-New Castle Greenway and the Georgetown-Lewes Trail.

• Provide program engineering funding for the first phase of the bikeway connecting Wilmington and Newark.

• Adopt a rigorous project prioritization process that preferentially ranks projectsthat do the most to expand low-stress bikeway connections between trip generators and destinations.

• Adopt performance measures to decrease pedestrian and bicycle fatalities, add an NGO bike/ped representative to the Highway Safety Committee and aggressively fund ped/bike safety projects.

• Create an evidence-based cycling education program for 4th and 5th graders.

• Adopt a state bicycle design manual that includes design drawings and guidance on when to use established and innovative design treatments.

• Provide innovative bike-friendly training to engineers that qualify for continuing education credit.

• Develop a competitive bicycle parking grant programtargeting universities and municipalitiesto aggressively expand safe and convenient end-of-trip facilities.

• Create a distinct, visually powerful and uniform statewide bikeway network signage system.

Continue to keep counting down the best bicycling states of 2013 -- and to see where Colorado finished.

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