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Videos: Best bicycling states of 2013 -- and why Colorado finished near the top

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Number 2: Colorado

• Colorado is a model for bicycling traffic laws. Ensure that laws in communities across the state provide safety and accessibility for bicyclists.

• Adopt a vulnerable road user law that increases penalties for a motorist that injures or kills a bicyclist or pedestrian.

• Adopt performance measures, such as mode shift or a low percentage of exempted projects, to better track and support Complete Streets/Bike Accommodation Policy compliance.

• Adopt a policy requiring state office buildings, state park and recreation facilities, and other state facilities to provide bicycle parking.

• Add bicycle safety as an emphasis area in the state Strategic Highway Safety Plan and aggressively fund bike safety projects.

• Establish a statewide bicycle advisory committee to provide accountability for bicycle projects and programs.TheBAC should include diverse representation, formal inclusion in decision making, a work plan, and regularly held meetings (at least quarterly).

• Adopt a mode share goal for biking to encourage the integration of bicycle transportation needs into all transportation and land use policy and project decisions.

Number 1: Washington

• Adopt a safe passing law with a minimum distance of 3 feet to address bicyclist safety.

• Washington is a leader in using TE/TA funds for bicycle and pedestrian projects, but there is still room for improvement in using STP, HSIP and CMAQ funds.

• Protect and expand dedicated state funding and, to the extent possible, federal funding, for Safe Routes to School programs and projects.

• Focus on fully implementing and funding priority projects in the state's existing bike/ped plan. Identify and update bicycle projects for inclusion in the STIP as per the state bike/ped plan.

• Determine barriersthat people face when bicycling and implement a comprehensive strategy to increase ridership

• The statewide bicycle advisory committee should meet more consistently (at least annually) in order to increase its impact.

• Improve data collection for bicycle travel and safety. Currently, the state spends a minimal amount for a once-in-a-year volunteer bicycle and pedestrian count. Similarly,significant gaps exist in crash data collection.

• Better account for and elucidate the state transportation projects that include non-motorized facilities. There needs to be a better threshold or accounting for what is actually included in projects.

• Balance state transportation investments to better reflect mode share and safety needs; bike/ped is 13% of trips and 16% of serious injury and death, but receives <0.5% of state investments.

• Legislature should improve local transportation funding options to include non-motorized investments.

2013 Bicycle Friendly State Rankings

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