Videos: Brandon Marshall Becomes Latest Ex-Bronco in Post-Ray Rice NFL Hit Parade

Last week, as we reported, 104.3 The Fans' D-Mac and Alfred Williams argued that the alleged rape committed by ex-Bronco Perrish Cox was actually worse than the actions of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, whose caught-on-video punching of his former fiancee/now-wife turned him into the NFL's domestic violence poster boy.

Now, another onetime Bronco, wide receiver Brandon Marshall, has stepped into an unwanted spotlight, with prominent attorney Gloria Allred ripping the league for the ridiculously minor punishment meted out to him for domestic violence episodes committed during his time with Denver. Photos, videos and more below.

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In July 2012, we published a post documenting 34 Broncos arrests since 2000, which at the time was the third most of any NFL team -- and Marshall was responsible for four of them. Here are his segments from that post, with notes about busts and what eventually happened -- or didn't happen -- as a result of them.

Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 3/26/07 Arrested on charges of false imprisonment, domestic violence. Additional note: Dropped Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 10/22/07 Arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Denver. Additional note: Pleaded to reduced charge of driving while impaired, sentenced to a year of probation. Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 3/6/08 Arrested in Atlanta after his longtime girlfriend claimed in an affidavit that Marshall hit her in the mouth and left eye March 4. Additional note: NFL suspended him one game after this, his third arrest in a year. Acquitted. Brandon Marshall Wide receiver 3/1/09 Arrested in Atlanta on disorderly conduct charge after fight with fiance, spent five hours in jail. Additional note: Charge dismissed. The NFL's gentle treatment of Marshall took place despite a 2009 ESPN "Outside the Lines" investigation that went into detail about his alleged abuse of former girlfriend Rasheedah Watley. Here's an excerpt from our post on the topic, entitled "Brandon Marshall Looks Terrible in ESPN Domestic Violence Report:"
Watley...became Marshall's girlfriend when they were in their early teens; they attended their eighth-grade prom together. She tearfully and compellingly details a slew of abusive incidents, most of which are documented by police reports, photos of injuries and so on. The capper, of course, is that after she finally wised up and moved on, Marshall and his current fiancée, Michi Leshase Nogami-Campbell, were involved in a disorderly conduct incident a few months back -- and while the matter was promptly dropped, it absolutely fits the pattern of behavior described by Watley and her parents, who charge the Broncos with trying to make excuses for Marshall's actions.
The evidence against Marshall, not to mention his multiple arrests, initially convinced us that "NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will have no choice but to slap him with a lengthy suspension: probably at least eight games, with a strong possibility of a full year on the shelf. And he'll deserve it."

But as noted above, Marshall was actually suspended for only one game -- and by August, we'd concluded that he would skate in the criminal trial against him. This time, we were right.

In the years since then, Marshall moved on from Denver, stopping in Miami before being reunited with another ex-Bronco, quarterback Jay Cutler, with the Chicago Bears. He's indisputably one of the best receivers in pro football at this point, as he has been for years. But now, his past has come back to haunt him.

Continue for more about the allegations against Brandon Marshall, including additional photos and videos.
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