Videos: Gallon Smashers prank pisses off grocery stores -- "F#ck the Harlem Shake"

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Examples of this phenomenon have been happening on the Front Range, according to 9News, which reports that one incident took place on February 26 at a Highlands Ranch King Soopers; the station notes that "three teenagers walked into the store and smashed gallons of milk, creating a major cleanup for store managers."

In addition, slips and slides associated with gallon smashing have been reported of late in Lakewood, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

The station shares a statement from Albertsons about the gags: "We want everyone to know that pranks like Gallon Smashing that threaten customer safety won't be tolerated," it reads in part.

But that doesn't mean authorities think scolding and finger-wagging will put an end to these stunts. Criminal investigations of gallon smashers by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and the Greeley Police Department are underway, on the apparent pretext that liquid on the floor -- not to mention flying milk jugs -- endangers other shoppers.

Will "Gallon Smashers" videos be played out as quickly as was the Harlem Shake? You can bet supermarket personnel hope so. Here's one example of a Gallon Smashers video, followed by several more.

Continue for more Gallon Smashers videos.

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