Videos: Madonna and Andy Lewis Super Bowl stunt's Boulder link

Whether you loved or hated Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show (or caught M.I.A. flying the bird), you were no doubt impressed by Andy Lewis's demonstration of slacklining -- an athletic and highly entertaining variation on wire-walking. If so, direct some of that love Colorado's way. Gibbon Slacklines, which provided Lewis and worked with Her Madgesty's team, is based in Boulder.

In a statement provided by Gibbon, Lewis downplays the difficulty of his stunt work during the big game: "Learning how to dance with Madonna and her dancers is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Using a Gibbon slackline is simple by comparison."

Then again, his routine last night only scratched the surface of his prodigious skills. Look below to see the Super Bowl segment, followed by a compilation of Lewis setting the slacklining standard and an instructional video in which he shows how the average person can try out the trend.

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