Videos: Mitt Romney's Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin dodge overshadows CBS4 interview

Yesterday, CBS4's Shaun Boyd got a one-on-one opportunity to quiz presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney -- a nice coup for a local reporter.

But Boyd's chat with Romney, seen in multiple clips below, made more news for his refusal to talk about Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin than the talking points he actually delivered.

According to Boyd, the Romney campaign floated the offer to chat with the candidate, but only if she agreed not to ask about abortion -- a broad topic that also covered Akin, a Missouri senatorial hopeful who threw the GOP into a tizzy when he opined in a TV interview that women victimized by "legitimate rape" tend not to get pregnant.

As Boyd said during the intro to her Romney package (the first video below), she agreed to this deal because she had other questions to ask him that were relevant to Coloradans -- including his alleged denigration of wind power, which provides plenty of jobs for locals. But she also decided to reveal the Akin-related request by Romney's handlers.

The latter was pretty much the only thing uttered during the chat that interested MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who's been spotlighting Colorado on a regular basis of late: On Wednesday, for instance, she opened her program by equating Representative Mike Coffman's repeated birther apology to Republican veep choice Paul Ryan's awkward repudiation of Akin. No surprise, then, that she screened Boyd's no-Akin-questions explanation not once but twice in a segment that belittled the Republicans for their clumsy attempt to turn the "legitimate rape" controversy into a positive rather than a negative.

By the way, CBS4 has just announced that Boyd will be covering next week's Republican National Convention in Tampa, as well as the Democrats' get-together in Charlotte, North Carolina, circa early September. Gotta think she won't be greeted with smiles and back-pats at the GOP soiree, despite her initial willingness to play ball.

Here's the CBS4 Romney interview as it aired, followed by the Maddow package. The Boyd footage airs at just past the fourteen minute point of the latter.

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