Videos: Obama greeted in Fort Collins by "Stupid" attack sign with typo

President Barack Obama's visit to Fort Collins yesterday spurred plenty of videos, many of which are on view below. But the funniest involves a critical sign placed on his motorcade route. As you can see, it reads, "You were here in 08' & you sold us like Cupid! 'Your' economy is a disaster! You must think we're all Stupid!!!"

Maybe so, since the 08 apostrophe should be on the other side -- '08 rather than 08'.

As for the speech itself, the Fort Collins Coloradoan reports that it attracted 13,000 people, was preceded by addresses from Jared Polis and John Hickenlooper, dealt with topics like foreign policy and college affordability and ended in 28 minutes, after which Obama headed to the Fort Collins Marriott to monitor Hurricane Isaac's progress along the Gulf Coast. No goofy photos at the Fort Collins equivalent of The Sink this time around -- although Obama is headed back to Boulder on Sunday.

Here's the "Stupid" video, followed by others documenting Obama's arrival and appearance in Fort Collins.

Continue to see more videos of President Barack Obama in Fort Collins.

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