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Update, 6:21 p.m. October 17: It often takes days for the Denver coroner's office to identify homicide victims. But the office has already released the names of those who lost their lives in a quintuple homicide at Fero's Bar & Grill early this morning -- a crime in which the perpetrator or perpetrators appear to have started a fire after the killing was done. Among the victims: Young Fero, the 63-year-old owner and namesake of the establishment.

Here's the complete list from the coroner's office:

Ms. Daria M. Pohl of Denver (22 year old white female -- DOB: 10-29-1990).

Ms. Kellene Fallon of Denver (45 year old white female -- DOB: 10-24-1967)

Ms. Young Fero of Aurora (63 year old Asian female -- DOB: 7-30-1949)

Mr. Ross Richter (29 year old white male -- DOB: 11/26/1982)

Ms. Tereasa Beesley of Denver, Colorado (45 year old white female -- DOB 7-10-1967)

At this point, the autopsy results in each case is listed as pending. However, there's no mystery about the manner of death: homicide.

As for a possible motive, the police are not sharing any information at this time. However, the Denver Post reports that the bar was struggling financially. No way of knowing at this point if this issue was a factor in the homicides -- the sort of brutal act that's left the community reeling.

Look below to see our previous coverage.

Update, 2:35 p.m. October 17: Moments ago, Denver Police Chief Robert White made his second appearance before media mics regarding a quintuple slaying at Fero's Bar & Grill; see our previous coverage below. White said what he's calling a "homicide-arson" is "very alarming" and noted that officers are actively looking into tips received in the hours since the five victims were discovered.

White began by extending the department's condolences to the family and loved ones of the victims and emphasized that the Denver Police will use all of its power and resources to find the perpetrators of this deadly act.

Next, he noted that investigators remained inside the Colorado Boulevard venue and described damage done by a fire apparently set to destroy evidence after the murders took place as "extensive." He added that officers were canvassing the area to see if security cameras at nearby businesses had captured any footage that could aid officers in tracking down the killer.

No more info about the identities of the victims. White said representatives of the Denver coroner's office would release the names and causes of death "when they deem it appropriate to do so."

Otherwise, the investigation is ongoing, he stressed -- and the department has "received some tips," he pointed out. "Some of those, we think, will be helpful."

He encouraged anyone with additional information, no matter how trivial it might seem, to phone the department's main line, 720-913-2000, or Crime Stoppers, at 720-913-STOP (7867).

Then came questions from the assembled media, most of which White declined to answer. He wouldn't talk about whether a weapon had been found inside the bar, for instance, and refused to rule out any possibilities in response to a question about whether gang involvement is suspected. Likewise, he wouldn't say whether the victims were employees, customers or others.

However, he did confirm that the department had not received any calls about Fero's prior to the early hours of this morning. That's when the Glendale Fire Department received a report of a fire, after which personnel discovered the five fatalities -- four women and one man whose bodies bore the marks of what he previously described as "some trauma."

The incident is "very alarming," White allowed. For that reason, it's "so important we investigate it to the fullest -- use the eyes and ears of anyone who may have heard or seen anything to bring this to closure as expeditiously as possible.

"It is hopeful this is an isolated incident," he went on, "but I can't say that with any definitiveness. We haven't gotten that far in the investigation." In the meantime, he advised residents, "like I would advise anyone," to pay attention to their surroundings and call the police "if you see anything even remotely suspicious."

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