Wake-Up Call: Denver doesn't suck!

"You put me out in Denver because I wouldn't suck your dick."

That's what Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, a lobbyist hired last year by former D.C. mayor and current councilmember Marion Barry to be his driver and personal assistant, shouted at Barry in June -- shortly before he was arrested and jailed on stalking charges.

Barry had brought Watts-Brighthaupt to Denver last August for the Democratic National Convention, and "for reasons that remain murky," reports the weekly Washington City Paper, she was booked to share a room with Barry at the Crowne Plaza, out by the old Stapleton airport. But after she allegedly refused his request for dick-sucking, Barry threw her out of the hotel and she had to sleep in his rented Cadillac in the hotel's parking garage, as she reported that night to her ex-husband, Delonta Brighthaupt, who got the story on tape.

"She called me from the garage," Delonta Brighthaupt told the paper, which has all the details behind Barry's arrest (supplemented by some great voicemail recordings) in its current issue. And Brighthaupt, who says he counseled his ex-wife through that long night in Denver and a subsequent rocky professional/personal relationship with a man the City Paper calls one of D.C.'s "most-watched womanizers," also managed to record the encounter in June, and was there to watch Barry's arrest on July 4.

The charges against the former mayor were subsequently dropped.

"My heart is so heavy," Watts-Brighthaupt told the City Paper of her stalking saga going public. "I worry mainly that I've disappointed my mom, family and people that I truly thought highly of."

And she didn't do much for Denver's reputation as a party town, either.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.