Wake-Up Call: Disorder in the court

The fireworks started early for the 4th. Early last week, we got a call from a reporter in Mankato, Minnesota, researching a story about Steve Horner, the anti-ladies night crusader who started his fight in that state (where he wound up in jail for harassing the head of Minnesota's civil rights commission), then took it on the road, making headlines (and irritating bureaucrats) across the country. In the summer of 2006, he landed in Denver, where he was soon filing complaints and cases against bars here. Bars, and newspapers.

The same day the reporter called, the next in a series of charges filed by Horner with the Colorado Civil Rights Division against Westword arrived. And once again, this complaint is not about an advertisement in the paper for a ladies' night (although we've received a handful of those lately, too, despite the fact that a Denver District Court judge threw out Horner's case about similar ads in Westword almost two years ago). Instead, they were about how my columns on those charges have "included blatant attacks" on Horner's character.

Not blatant enough, considering how this clown who no longer lives in Colorado -- and so is not even visiting the bars he claims are discriminating against him -- has clogged the overworked Colorado Civil Rights Division.

Far more worthy legal cases will be getting all the attention in Colorado this week.

As early as today, Chief Denver District Judge Larry Naves could be handing down his decision on whether Ward Churchill gets his job back at the University of Colorado.

And also today, Denver District Judge Christina Habas will convene the trial of Willie Clark, charged with slaying Bronco Darrent Williams back on January 1, 2006. No twittering, blogging or other disorder in the court allowed.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.