Wake-Up Call: FU, Senator Brophy

According to state senator Greg Brophy's blog, "he's been called one of the most conservative members of the legislature and a Prius driving, bicycle riding, eco freak. You decide."

But first read this, and you might come up with a couple of other descriptors. On April 24, he recounted the tale of the vegan in Parker whose request for a special vanity plate reading ILVTOFU was rejected by the Colorado Department of Revenue because dirty minds might think she loved to fuck, rather than loved to eat tofu. Brophy expressed amazement that the Colorado chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union had subsequently announced that it might "take on the DOR over the tofu license plate!," adding, "Yes, the same ACLU that goes all over the country trying to find the Ten Commandments in a public place so they can insist that the Ten Commandments be taken down are about to argue that FU should be allowed on license plates in Colorado.

"How about this plate: ACLUSUX, or maybe one that puts the new letters F and U on a plate with ACLU?"

It's apparently okay with the ACLU. On Wednesday, Cathryn Hazouri, Colorado's executive director, sent this reply to Brophy:

"I understand that you want to get a license plate for your car, ACLUSUX. If you apply for that license and are refused, please contact the ACLU because we stand ready to represent you if you want to pursue your right to have that license plate. After all, censorship is censorship and the ACLU doesn't draw any distinction between speech with which we agree and speech we may not like. That would be content discrimination and would violate one of our major principles of protecting free speech."

In other words, FU.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.