Wake-Up Call: Get in line

Get in line, suckers. Clear, the private program that let pre-registered (and pre-paid, at $199 a year) customers use special fast lanes to get through airport security once their iris scans were on file, has closed down, its parent company "unable to negotiate an agreement with its senior creditor to continue operations," according to Verified Identity Pass's web site.

So as summer travel heats up (probably to not much more than lukewarm, given the current economic clime), Clear's clients will join the rest of the hoi polloi in the steerage-class screening lines at Denver International Airport.

This is just the latest security snafu reported by the Denver Post's Jeffrey Leib. In May, he noted, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration had shut down the "puffer" machines -- a $30 million mistake that never made anyone more secure. Except, perhaps, the people paid to repair them.

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