Wake-Up Call: Help me roast Tom Tancredo

I am listening to Tom Tancredo filling in for Peter Boyles on KHOW radio, marveling at how the former congressman is maintaining a one-man monologue that, in the past five minutes, has touched on illegal immigration, healthcare, how Republicans need a speaker as slick as Barack Obama, illegal imigration, Harleys, healthcare again, illegal immigration, and how he first started thinking about running for public office while he was teaching a junior high civics class.

I am listening to Tom Tancredo, thinking about his years in Congress, his run for the presidency, and marveling that no matter how much I might disagree with him, he's always willing to sit down and explain his positions with a good-humored sincerity (and that giggle!) that recently won over no less a curmudgeon than Chris Matthews.

Mostly, though, I'm thinking about how, tomorrow night, I'll be roasting Tancredo at an Arapahoe County Republicans forum where the other roasters are to the right of Dan Caplis. And so I'm collecting suggestions for Tancredo's greatest hits -- the good, the bad and the very ugly.

Post them below: Let's make this roast hot.

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