Wake-Up Call: high-flying art at DIA

The debate took off fast last week over Luis Jimenez's "Mustang," otherwise known as "DIA's Heinous Blue Mustang," which stands outside Denver International Airport. (Read more in this Off Limits report, as well as at www.byebyebluemustang, the site started by local realtor Rachel Hultin.) But in all the hot discussion over the horse, it's easy to overlook some of the great art that Denver's one-percent-for-art program got us at the airport.

There are Gary Sweeney's "America: Why I Love Her" murals, for example. And "Experimental Aviation," Patty Ortiz's wonderful, paper airplane-like pieces hanging overhead as travelers exit the train to claim their baggage. Sadly, Ortiz herself is about to make her exit from Denver. The artist, who currently heads the Museo de las Americas, is heading back home to San Antonio and a new job there.

Safe landings, Patty.


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