Wake-Up Call: horsing around

When I check my e-mail every morning, just as I was once greeted by long-lost Nigerian cousins in need of cash, I now find countless would-be friends. But none of these entreaties has been as appealing as the invitation Monday to join "DIA's Heinous Blue Mustang Has Got to Go," the Facebook group of horse-haters organized by Rachel Hultin (and decorated with a photo of the sculpture's giant anus, snapped by Westword staff writer Jared Jacang Maher at the dedication of Luis Jimenez's long-delayed, and deadly, piece of public art).

But Hultin's not an art-hater. In fact, she's asked members of the group -- already at 263, and counting -- to write poems (preferably in haiku form) about the horse that she plans to deliver to the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs.

The deadline is Friday, and already dozens of people have responded. Here one of the submissions:

Who can deny it

As they drive right by it

It's scary as hell

And here's another:

Denver: true cow town

A monstrous, evil blue horse

It should be knocked down

You can read more of the poems at www.byebyebluemustang.com. This week's Off Limits column will include a brief chat with Hultin. In the meantime, here's my offering:

So big, bad and blue

Rearing over the prairie

This horse won't fly

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