Wake-Up Call: JonBenét Ramsey and 1990s nostalgia

As the awful economic news keeps pouring out (Agile Group, anyone?), you can understand the urge to look back at the good old days. Even the bad crimes of the good old days. And so yesterday, the new Boulder District Attorney and the old Boulder Police Chief held a joint press conference to announce that the Boulder Police Department will create a special task force to investigate the very cold case of JonBenét Ramsey's murder.

The Boulder police had been pulled off that case by the DA's office a half-dozen years and a district attorney ago, in a move that always seemed more about bad publicity (John Mark Karr, anyone?) than bad police work. Now new DA Stan Garnett says the time is right to do another investigation, and the police department -- headed by Mark Beckner, who took over for Tom Koby, chief at the time JonBenét was killed -- is the right agency to do it.

"We'd love to solve this case for JonBenet so that she can rest in peace," Beckner said, "which has been our focus and our goal all along."


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