Wake-Up Call: Michael Huttner, the early days

On my first road trip to Montana, back in the pre-cell-phone days, I had to stop every hour or so and find a phone so that I could check in with a lawyer who was concerned that the Denver DA's office was going to file charges against our high-school intern. Why? Because that intern had just written a story about how easy it was to get a fake ID in Colorado -- and had proceeded to prove it by getting one.

Fortunately, most of the pay phones I found were in bars. Also fortunately, the DA saw reason and did not file charges against this intrepid intern. And who was he? None other than Michael Huttner, whose ID escapade twenty years ago foreshadowed all his other escapades as founder of ProgressNow Colorado. Most recently, Huttner co-authored 50 Ways You Can Help Obama Change America -- and then went into the lion's den of Fox News to tout his book.

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