Wake-Up Call: Naming names for U.S. attorney

Right before he headed into his lovefest/confirmation hearing for the Secretary of the Interior post, still-Senator Ken Salazar and new Senator Mark Udall sent President-elect Barack Obama the names of three candidates for U.S. attorney, since that post generally goes with the winning party, and Republican Troy Eid has tendered his resignation (he's planning to run for Colorado attorney general).

The names: William "Bill" Thiebaut, former legislator and current Pueblo district attorney; John Walsh, a former assistant attorney in California who ran for the Denver DA's seat against Mitch Morrissey; and Stephanie Villafuerte, former assistant U.S. attorney and current deputy chief of staff to Governor Bill Ritter.

I've been plenty wrong about my predictions before, but I'm betting that Villafuerte will get the nod this time. After Ritter named Bernie Buescher to the Colorado secretary of state vacancy, and Michael Bennet to the Senate seat, it's time for a female and a Latino -- particularly if you're listened to the protesters complaining about another white guy replacing Bennet at Denver Public Schools.

But if Villafuerte does get the nomination, it will be an early Christmas gift to talk-show host Peter Boyles, since her name surfaces in the long-running scandal of the 2006 election regarding how ICE agent Cory Vorheis leaked info to Beauprez supporters -- and how Ritter's campaign then searched out the same information.

And yes, the 2010 election is just around the corner.

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