Wake-Up Call: Ritter's vote is in for Colorado Secretary of State

At 9:30 a.m. this morning, Governor Bill Ritter will announce Colorado's next secretary of state, the culmination of a six-week process that officially started on the night of November 4, when Mike Coffman was elected to replace Tom Tancredo in the sixth congressional district.

Although Ritter had the power to pick Coffman's replacement at any time (and a good candidate: term-limited legislator and runner-up to Coffman for the secretary of state seat in 2006), he instead established a task force that sifted through twenty applications and came up with three finalists: Andrew Romanoff, Bernie Buescher (ousted from his seat in that same November 4 vote) and, yes, Gordon.

Today at 9:30 a.m., Ritter will finally announce his choice.

After six weeks, there's not a moment to waste. Because now Ritter has a bigger plum to award, the U.S. Senate seat of Ken Salazar.

He won't be using a task force for that one -- he says he will be acting "quickly, deliberately and thoughtfully -- although he is accepting input at ussenate.comments@state.co.us. -- Patricia Calhoun

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