Wake-Up Call: Stimulate This

The last time this state's economy went bust, Colorado fought its way back by constructing Denver International Airport. That's not going to be an option this time, Governor Bill Ritter said as he walked along DIA's Concourse B Thursday, off on a fast (less than 24-hour) trip to the East Coast to brief Democratic House members on the New Energy Economy -- right after they listened to Barack Obama describe his stimulus plan.

Colorado Republicans have labeled Ritter's quick trip a "junket," but considering that the Colorado House Democratic Caucus subsidized his travels -- and Ritter was one of only four governors invited to speak -- this state will more than get its money's worth, if Colorado realizes a larger slice of that stimulus package to repair/replace the infrastructure that helps make all those New Energy Economy efforts possible.

That plan is up for a vote again Tuesday. But with an $800 million deficit looming in this state, Ritter didn't wait around to see what happens in D.C. (or even take the time to see a few sights in Williamsburg, where the Dems met). Today at 11, he'll announce a foreclosure-prevention campaign at the State Capitol, and then it's back to crunching numbers.

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