Wake-Up Call: Ted Kennedy in Colorado

Remembering Denver at this time last year during the Democratic National Convention -- the downtown sidewalks full, the downtown cash registers ditto -- it all seems like a mirage. Like that season of


that ended with Pam finding Bobby in the shower, and realizing that the entire plotline had all been a dream.

This morning, the news shows are full of clips from one of the DNC's most amazing, definitely real moments: Ted Kennedy's appearance, three months after his brain cancer had been diagnosed, before all that funny business with the New York Senate seat and Caroline (who was standing by his side in the Pepsi Center). Kennedy delivered a barn-burner of a speech, full of old-time Democratic values, promising a future with health care as a right for all Americans.

Kennedy made good on his vow to be back in the Senate in January 2009. But his promise of health care for all is beginning to look like another dream.

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