Wake-Up Call: The cure for the common code

"Have a voice," urges the web site for Denver's new zoning code, which has just been given its first major overhaul in 53 years. "Attend a meeting."

And that's a good idea -- because nowhere on the very elaborate, informative site can Denverites actually voice their thoughts about the code. And judging from the calls/comments that have come in to our office, they have plenty of thoughts.

And not all of them are pretty.

Long before the fourth and final draft of the code was posted on Wednesday, residents were complaining about the ban on granny flats in certain areas, the generous height allowances in others. And the Denver Department of Community Planning and Development was listening, insists Julius Zsako, spokesman for the department: "Feedback is important to us."

All the public hearings on the code (there will be several more in the weeks to come) were recorded, Zsako, notes, and they're available on video-on-demand.

We have another, less mind-numbing option than watching hours of meetings: Since you can't post comments on the city site, post them below "Everybody Must Get Zoned," Kenny Be's masterful look at the proposed code, published in this week's Westword.

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