Wake-Up Call: The dudes of Haggard

"This is part of Ted's journey," Gayle Haggard told a reporter. "It's made him a better man. I see what has happened as a divine rescue."

Of the Haggards' bank account, if nothing else.

Three years ago Ted Haggard, then pastor of the New Life Church and head of the National Association of Evangelicals, had a weekly phone call with President George W. Bush. Now he's taking casting calls for reality shows -- specifically, Divorce Court. According to the Associated Press, Haggard and and his still-wife Gayle are in California this week, taping an episode of the show that will air on April 1.

No joke.

Haggard started coming out -- so to speak -- early this year, first in an HBO documentary in January, then on Larry King Live and Oprah.

He and his wife are being paid for this latest performance, when they'll testify before Judge Lynn Toler -- and the viewing audience -- about what happened to their marriage after Mike Jones went public in November 2006 about his pay-to-play deal with the Colorado Springs pastor, an ongoing relationship that involved both sex and meth.

Divine? Tell it to the judge.

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