Wake-Up Call: The Hick Up hiccup

Worried about who'll be running Denver while John Hickenlooper is running for governor? Fear not: councilmember-at-large Doug Linkhart (who's rumored to be taking a look at running for mayor himself) is on the job, as he explains in his latest e-mail blast, "Hick Up! Not a Problem." Which ends with this:

"As for the Mayor being in La Junta when we need him to make a decision? Not to worry -- I have his cell phone number."

Feel better? The entire message follows:

Congratulations to Mayor Hickenlooper on his decision to run for Governor. I'm glad that he is continuing as Mayor in the interim, although this presents a challenge for the rest of us at the city, namely, to keep making progress on major issues during what is potentially 18 months of uncertainty.

My Council colleagues and I are committed to continuing the many efforts undertaken in conjunction with the Mayor and his administration. Most of these efforts are not short-term; nor are the issues they address. While not every problem will be solved before our terms of office are up, we'll continue to look for ways to make a lasting impact on issues like homelessness, crime prevention, an outdated zoning code, budget shortfalls, mass transit and expanding opportunities for young people.

We are fortunate to have many good people leading and staffing our city agencies. I've been collaborating with many of these agencies on projects like the Economic Prosperity Task Force, Bank on Denver, Age Matters Initiative, Denver Youth Agenda, Global Denver, Summer Youth Employment, Be the Denver Difference and Crime Prevention and Control Commission. Working with these agencies, we will continue to move forward on these and other initiatives.

As for the Mayor being in La Junta when we need him to make a decision? Not to worry -- I have his cell phone number.

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