Wake-Up Call: welcome to the Mile Haiku City

In desperate times, the media are desperate for an uplifting story -- or at least a fun one. And so Luis Jimenez's "Mustang" has become our own Hudson River miracle landing. It was just two weeks ago that I got the invite to join the nascent Facebook group started by local realtor Rachel Hultin that's devoted to getting rid of the "heinous blue horse" at DIA, and writing haikus to support that position. We wrote about it the following day, and the next thing we knew, it was all over local radio and TV.

Then, on Friday, while I was in D.C., I picked up the Wall Street Journal and found that the airport's "Mustang" mess had landed the front page of the front page. The last time Denver got such prominent play, it was over the no-fried-foods-policy at the Democratic National Convention. At least this time, we don't look like a bunch of PC prudey-pants. Instead, we're a bunch of poetry-writing hipsters.

I can't wait to land at DIA later this morning and get a fresh look at Denver's new celebrity. In the meantime:

Eyes redder than mine Little horse on the prairie Welcome to Denver!

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