Wake-Up Call: Who cares about Richard Heene?

The news is full of real stories about real people in need. People who can't find jobs, people who can't pay their mortgages, people who can't feed their families. Not high on the list of the truly needy: People who want to feed their hunger for fame.

But still, Cheri Foster and her daughter, Tamara Failla, have established what they call the "first-ever" Fort Collins Care Movement, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan. And who have they chosen to as the initial recipient of their caring? Richard and Mayumi Heene and their children.

To show that they care, mother and daughter -- neither of whom have ever met the family -- are urging residents of Fort Collins to drop notes on the Heenes' s lawn today, assuring the family that they care.

"They might have made a mistake, as we all have done and will continue to do," Failla told the Coloradoan's Pat Ferrier. "So rather than condemn, let's come together and raise this family up, with our support. Let's remind them that they are not alone."

Better yet, how about leaving this reality-TV-obsessed family alone? Surely there's someone in Fort Collins who actually deserves the concern of the Fort Collins Care Movement. Someone who truly needs help -- and is hungry for more than attention.

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