Ward Churchill's second day on the stand: not exactly scintillating

The most telling line in Denver Post reporter Kevin Vaughan's article about ex-CU professor Ward Churchill's second day of testimony in his wrongful termination lawsuit against the university was its last one: "At one point, [Judge Larry] Naves suddenly called a recess after he saw that one of the jurors was having trouble staying awake."

That's to be expected. Questions about alleged plagiarism and academic misconduct often turn on minutiae that's far less gripping than the sort of stuff that fired up Churchill's critics in the first place -- an essay that likened 9/11 victims to Nazi poster-boy Adolf Eichmann. At the same time, however, Churchill's disputed scholarship is getting its widest airing yet. Irony alert. Learn more about his work and research process by perusing trial coverage at TheRaceToTheBottom.org, a collaborative site between DU students and professors, which produced multiple entries to fully detail yesterday's developments. Click here for an account of the morning palaver, here for opinions about points scored by the plaintiff, here for a take on the jury's reaction, here for an afternoon-session summary -- and here for a link to a Colorado Public Radio story about TheRaceToTheBottom.org. You should be able to remain conscious through all of the above -- but have a cup of coffee nearby just in case.

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