Watch Your Step

Had former New Life Church head man Ted Haggard driven along the southern stretch of University Boulevard anytime yesterday, it's likely he would have felt a burning sensation -- in his ears -- while passing Calvary Temple. The church was one of the earliest and most successful to venture into television ministry, and its current leader, Pastor Barry Palser (pictured, with his wife, Vicky), continues that tradition with The Time Is Now, which is seen on local Daystar affiliates on Saturday evenings. As such, it's likely that an oversized banner on display in front of Calvary Temple referred to Haggard, whose TV time has only increased since he admitted to committing indiscretions with Mike Jones, professional escort. The banner read:

In light of recent events, Pastor Barry will speak on "How to escape the land mines of life."

Guess that means "land mines" is the new slang term for "male prostitute" -- as in, "That land mine looks ready to blow," "Land mines don't get any more explosive than that one," or perhaps, "Sure, land mines are dangerous, but what a way to go!" Tread lightly, folks. -- Michael Roberts

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