"Why does Richard Nixon look so sweaty, mom?"

Watching the debate? Pick your party

Now that it looks like both John McCain and Barack Obama will make it to their first presidential debate in Mississippi tonight, you've got a choice to make: where to drink while watching it.

Obama’s campaign website shows a whopping 141 debate-watching parties planned within fifty miles of Denver. Flight attendants are gathering near Governors Park -- "Join with us as we protect our retirements, from the present administration," their invitation exhorts -- and members of the LGBT community are meeting at Charlie’s. And the aptly-named Drinking Liberally group is meeting at Skylark Lounge and boasting of $3 drink specials.

McCain’s debate watching parties are a bit harder to identify.

His website lists events in places like Arvada, Greenwood Village, and Englewood, hosted by people named Kyle, Glenda or Bob. But you can’t find out more details unless you fill out a form to attend.

Interestingly, though, McCain’s supporters may already be celebrating. A web ad in the online version of today’s Wall Street Journal features a grinning headshot of the white-haired senator, above the words "McCain Wins Debate!"

Anyone ready for a cocktail now? -- Lisa Rab

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