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Watching the Obama acceptance speech from Bob Uecker's seats

Watching Barack Obama's Democratic National Convention acceptance speech made my family and I feel more than a mile high -- since we were in section 524, in Invesco Field's north end zone. Still, the view was okay -- much better than a lot of folks, who got stuck with much lousier sight lines. We couldn't see the music performers unless they ventured out onto the walkway at the front of the speaking platform, but we had a clear view of the main podium and two others to the right and left. Of course, the people there looked so tiny that it was much easier to follow the proceedings on the assorted Jumbotrons. Look below for some images from our vantage point. -- Michael Roberts

A shot of the platform at our level, but several sections to the right. Once the event kicked off, our view wasn't quite this good.
We were pretty close to a Jumbotron, but the angle was too severe to be able to tell Al Gore from Nancy Pelosi. We mostly looked at others around the stadium.

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