Quench your thirst on the way to Invesco.

Watering down the high costs of Invesco Field at Mile High

First things first: No beer.

But all other concessions will be open for business at Invesco Field at Mile High on Thursday, August 28, as documented in this Rocky Mountain News piece -- and they'll be the only option for people who may have been standing in line for hours, prohibited from bringing in any food or liquids. Including bottled water.

One refreshing break that the News missed: The Denver Democratic Convention Host Committee,' which is encouraging green drinking habits by giving delegates commemorative water bottles and setting up Denver Water stations around the city throughout the convention for refills, will set up at water station on the Bronco Bridge leading from Elitch's to Invesco on Thursday. So you'll be able to quench your thirst there for free -- but you may have to abandon that water bottle at Invesco.

Such are the trickle-down economics of going green. -- Patricia Calhoun

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