Wayne Allard adds half of "lawyer/lobbyist" tag to his résumé

As pointed out in this morning's Wake-Up Call, ex-Senator Wayne Allard has taken a job with a Washington, D.C., lobbying firm, The Livingston Group. But in reporting about this development, neither the Denver Post, which blurbed the item, nor the Rocky Mountain News, which published a slightly larger offering that's not online at this writing, made mention of a whopping irony.

Specifically, Allard twice defeated Democrat Tom Strickland for the Senate seat by painting him as (gasp!) a "lawyer/lobbyist" -- a point made by the Post's Dan Haley in this June 2006 blog. Clearly, Allard must be serious about not running for office again -- because if he does, he'll have handed any potential opponent an effective cudgel with which to wallop him. Next thing we know, he'll be enrolling in law school, too.


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