Anyone got some worms?

Wayne Allard: gone fishin'

In "GOP Plans Full Slate of Events During DNC," the Rocky Mountain News reports about anti-Dem activities being planned by area conservative heavyweights during the Democratic National Convention -- something Dick Wadhams, head of the state's Republican party, promised way back in September 2007, at the time of his profile in Westword. A sidebar adds details related to Wadhams, former Governor Bill Owens and others. But the capper is the itinerary of outgoing Senator Wayne Allard: "He is planning to travel to his mountain cabin in Walden to relax and fish."

Attaboy, Wayne. Don't even pretend to care anymore.

As the Rocky points out, Congress isn't in session during the DNC, so Allard won't be shirking any legislative duties while standing knee-deep in a sparkling mountain stream -- and in these parts, the eyes of political observers are riveted on Mark Udall and Bob Schaffer, who are competing to take over the seat he's vacating early next year. Why not start phoning it in a little early, then? It's not like anyone will notice his absence. After all, few Washington insiders noticed his presence during his years in office -- except for Time magazine, which dubbed him "The Invisible Man" in a 2006 ranking of the worst U.S. senators.

Of course, invisibility will help him when it comes to snagging a nice trout. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.