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Weird Photo Wednesday top ten, early 2014 edition

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Is the Denver Public Library promoting bestiality? Not exactly -- although there are plenty of beasts featured in the pics below, culled from the DPL's amazing digital collection and regularly shared under the banner Weird Photo Wednesday. We first highlighted Weird Photo Wednesday in an August 2013 post. But thanks to Western History & Genealogy department senior librarian James Rogers, there's been plenty more weirdness since then, as those who've liked the Western History Department's Facebook page know full well. Count down our latest top ten below.

Note: The text below is from the original (and linked) Weird Photo Wednesday items.

Number 10: How to make sure your kids never want to play with dolls again

I knew I should have kept the instructions! Now which part goes where? Matching doll heads to torsos is not as easy as it seems. Here a Denver Fire Department fireman is working with doll heads. -- November 13, 2013

Number 9: Going ape for Girl Scout cookies

What's her favorite girl scout cookie flavor? Thin Mints, Samoas, Peanut Butter Patties...they're all good! And I'm sure the special guest in this photograph likes them all. Who wouldn't? And she's also selling Russell Stover candies. Yum! -- November 27, 2013

Continue to keep counting down our latest Weird Photo Wednesday top ten. Number 8: Mummy knows best

Have you seen my mummy! I can't find her anywhere! This person must really be hurt to have this many bandages on them! Or the person is a good sport, being wrapped up like this. -- September 18, 2013

Number 7: I can't believe they voted you off Project Runway!

Frock out! Freak out! Three exotic dancers having fun! These women seem to take delight in their wonderful and exotic costumes. In this Harry Rhoads photograph we see them showing off their costumes. -- September 11, 2013

Continue to keep counting down our latest Weird Photo Wednesday top ten. Number 6: Horse sense

Bow wow wow, yippie yo, yippie yay! Or, good boy, sit! Hey, horses aren't dogs, but these cute creatures sure do act like them! How do you get a horse to sit like that? -- July 31, 2013

Number 5: Heads will roll

One of our colleagues found this photograph in the AVERY-MEAD FAMILY PAPERS, 1877-1985 collection, WH564. The photograph is not viewable online, but here is the information we have about the photo, though it does not give an explanation of what they were actually doing: "Franklin Capen Avery (1849-1923) assisted in surveying and platting the Colorado towns of Greeley and Ft. Collins; developed the Avery block in downtown Ft. Collins. His sister, Louise Avery, married Alexander Mead, Jr., a well known irrigationist and early settler of Greeley, Colo. Their son, Edgar Avery Mead (1872-1961) was born in Ledyard, N.Y.; graduate of Colo. Agricultural and Mechanical College; rancher and Mayor of Ault, Colo. Edgar Mead enlisted with the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry Regiment and served in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War (1898)." -- October 30, 2013

Continue to keep counting down our latest Weird Photo Wednesday top ten. Number 4: Fly boy

Start pedaling, because this dirigible or blimp is not going to get you flying very high! Not sure what "I Will Jump Sunday Nit" means, but hey, if the young man can do it, more power to him. All and all, a weird get-up, but I have to say a very imaginative one at that. -- January 15, 2014

Number 3: There are nothing but asses on that team!

Who is going to win? No, not the football teams...the burro or the football player? -- January 29, 2014

Continue to keep counting down our latest Weird Photo Wednesday top ten. Number 2: Santa Dog

Ok, now where did Santa go? Why is he always leaving me here on this cold sleigh? He takes presents inside and just leaves me here in charge. He keeps bragging about all the cookies, milk and other goodies he gets. You'd think he'd bring me some...but oh no! I think fat man has had one too many goodies. I love the old guy, but sometimes all he does is think about all of those little people with the funny pointed hats and his beloved, oh-can-do-no-wrong, reindeer. And always talking about the one with the red nose. To me, it just looks like a big red pimple! Oh well, here he comes, looks like he got back out of that chimney faster than I thought. What? What is that in his hand? Cookies! Oh boy, fat man brought me some cookies! I love that guy! -- December 11, 2013

Number 1: Animal attraction

Monkey Love!

Let's not monkey around, I think this man loves his monkey. Now don't read anymore into this! -- October 23, 2013

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