We're the butt of jokes on 30 Rock

On last night's episode of 30 Rock, the funniest sitcom on network television by a very wide margin, our fair state was the target of two surreal yet amusing zingers.

Early on, NBC page Kenneth (Jack McBrayer, to the right of the attached photo) is trying to convince cluelessly vain comic Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan, far left) that diet is linked to diabetes. Jordan responds by declaring that this claim is "a white myth -- like Larry Bird, and Colorado." Later, even more cluelessly vain star Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski, in green above) engages in an ill-advised hook-up with slovenly writer Frank Rossitano, portrayed by Judah Friedlander. (Check out our July Q&A with Friedlander by clicking here.) Afterward, Jenna tries to do reputation damage control by declaring that onetime Coloradan Dog the Bounty Hunter is now the second-most disgusting person she ever slept with.

Tune in next week to hear Tina Fey ridicule John Elway's giant teeth. I know I will.

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